Meet Tania Harvey ~ a.k.a. Cecily Pigeon in “The Odd Couple”

Posted by Eric
Mar 11 2014

poker_card_cast_cecily_fbMeet Tania Harvey ~ a.k.a. Cecily Pigeon in Perth County Players April 2014 production of The Odd Couple

Where were you born? Australia (which is how I come by my amazing winter driving skills )

At what age did you get involved in community theatre? Age? pardon? I started in community theatre behind the scenes with costumes and stage managing before I got hooked on acting. I really enjoy all of it!

What was your favourite role or show to be involved with? Favourite role/show….that’s a tough one. In 2011 I was in a play in Huron County called Narcisse. It was a play with music, written by a local playwright, about a real local historical figure, funded by a local historical society. Actors, director, musicians, caterers, costumes, everyone involved was local.. A large cast of adults and children, huge crew behind the scenes. It was a real community effort and a huge success, selling out shows, and winning a Governor General Award. It was a great example of community theatre bringing a community together!

What is your dream role? I’ve given up on Annie, switched to Louisa in The Fantasticks, but I”m starting to think that’s not going to happen either.

When did you join PCP? I joined PCP in Spring 2013, acting in Dead Air and A Christmas Carol Fall 2013.

Your thoughts on this production. I feel lucky to be part of The Odd Couple with PCP. Cecily really is a fun character to play, it’s great comedy. Everyone I talk to knows this play and loves it, and those who don’t know the play have seen the movie (which is very close) and love that!

About Perth County Players:In our 5th season, Perth County Players is thrilled to present their first play at Stratford City Hall, ‘The Odd Couple’, directed by Aaron Kropf. ‘The Odd Couple’ is known internationally as the hit comedy play by Neil Simon, later adapted into the infamous movie starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, followed by the Emmy winning TV show starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.

Many members of the community will be happy to see John Butcher back on stage with PCP after many years as a part of their dinner theatre cast as well as performing as Mr. Fezziwig in their latest production of A Christmas Carol this past December. Perth County Players welcomes Stratford newcomers from Toronto George Bertwell and Alex Stephens who will be playing the roles of Oscar and Felix respectively. George and Alex were both involved in community theatre in Toronto having crossed paths over the years. Both moved to Stratford last year not knowing the other had moved to the area. They met up again at the audition for The Odd Couple, very surprised to see the other one there. The cast also includes PCP favourites Leasa Barclay and Tania Harvey, the Pigeon sisters who live upstairs from Oscar and Felix. Rounding out the cast of 8 are Eric Russell Norcross as Murray the cop, Gary Horst as Vinnie, the mild-mannered, hen-pecked husband, and Bill Miller as the acerbic Speed.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at or in person at Sinclair Pharmacy, 12 Wellington Street, Stratford. Performances are at City Hall April 4, 5, 11 & 12 at 7:30pm and April 6 & 12 at 2pm.


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